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Bruce Crim’s Introduction:

Many stories have been written about the history surrounding the development of the highway system in the United States but few have created as much interest and romance as that about what was often called the “ Mother Road”—– Route 66.  And few of these stories and books written about the old road  could claim to be complete without telling the story of  Campbell “66” Express.  Now just who is going to be able to tell such a story?  After all, Route 66 was officially given its name by important citizens of the day who lived in Springfield, Missouri in 1926 and Campbell “66” Express first got it start in the same place and the same year and both of these entities existed over the next period of 60 years. Well it looks like the task has fallen to me- J. Bruce Crim. I will do my best to tell this story with the highest respect for the many men and women of this period who toiled night and day to move the goods via truck over our beloved old road.


Mary DeVillers Rustin
June 16th, 2015 at 9:24 am

My sister Janet Carlucci and I are the surving members of Henry “Hank” DeVillers who worked many, many years for both Sunflower and Campbell 66. if I remember correctly, Janet and Bruce Crim are the same age and went to school together as did Billy Crim and my brother. I have just recently given a miniature “Humpin To Please”” to my great grandson. Thanks Bruce . sure brings back a lot of memories.


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